Jewelry by SOA


SOA devised a new air, a new jewelry trend, a kind of new jewelry. Exceed traditions and give way to a new High-end atypical jewelry of modern times.


SOA is the reference of a quality jewelry imbued with a contemporary universe, unique pieces whose originality, born of the union of a high-quality rubber with precious metals, stands out. A sober, refined and very chic style.


The ‘Etre SOA’ Collection claims the trend of a conniving jewelry for everyday wear. A feminine or masculine bracelet wearing sumptuously a characteristic symbol of personality, as well as universal symbols reinvented by SOA.


SOA Universe is the quest for a merger between the person and the Jewelry. A gem that matches to you and lifts the veil on our personality.


What secrets are contained by this jewel? What is this hidden universe that invites to discovery?


Simplicity and elegance! How ‘Etre SOA’* differently?


* Etre SOA = être soi-même = be yourself